Dearborn 9-1-1

"For unforgettable characters and sheer suspense, remember Linda L. Richards’ name.” -- international bestselling author Gayle Lynds


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Dearborn 9-1-1
by Linda L. Richards

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With a single explosion, everything is chaos. It only takes a few minutes for him to realize that the world isn't ending. But on the heels of that realization comes another one: the world may not have ended, but it might as well have done.

Fans of award-winning mystery writer Linda L. Richards may not recognize the tone here, but they’ll recognize the subtext and the subject matter. Without hope or prospects our protagonist deals with a disaster in a most unexpected way.

"Dearborn 9-1-1" is a 5000 word short story by acclaimed mystery and thriller writer Linda L. Richards.

This e-book also contains an excerpt from Richards’ next full length novel, Calculated Loss, due out later this fall.

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