Hitting Back

"For unforgettable characters and sheer suspense, remember Linda L. Richards’ name.” -- international bestselling author Gayle Lynds


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Hitting Back
by Linda L. Richards

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An unthinkable disaster changed her forever. She lost everything she ever thought she wanted. And more. Now she’s hollow inside. Hollow but searching. The only time she feels even partially alive is when she’s paid... to kill.

Hitting Back is a 5000 word short story by acclaimed mystery and thriller writer Linda L. Richards. This e-book also contains an excerpt from Richards’ next full length novel, The Next Ex.

"If I hadn't known better I'd have thought I was reading Hemingway. "Hitting Back" is clean, concise and bristling with page-turning suspense." -- author Harvey Stanbrough

...an absolutely perfect...look at the life of a professional hit woman. Spare, cool and totally convincing, it tells the story of a cypher turned into a human being in a few short passages. -- The Rap Sheet

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